meet the founder

As the founder of Leading Edge Outdoors, Adam Short has been an avid outdoors enthusiast for his entire life. Growing up in Pennsylvania, chasing whitetails was more than a pastime or hobby. Instead, it was a culture, a discipline that had been passed down by the generations that came before.

The desire to patiently battle the elements for the opportunity to harvest an animal is our commonality as hunters, and it helps to fuel Adam’s passion. As the years pass, Adam’s knowledge of the outdoors has grown. He believes it is important to pass along the values of hunting to the younger generations.

Although Adam’s rural Pennsylvania childhood made becoming a deer hunter a sure bet, bass fishing is another story. PA isn’t known for stellar largemouth bass fishing. Most Pennsylvania anglers are dedicated trout fisherman, but Adam went against the grain. At a very young age he aspired to be a professional tournament angler. While that dream was never met, he has found plenty of opportunities to fish in competitive bass tournaments. Moving to Tennessee in 2007 with his wife Megan, Adam decided to join a bass fishing club. Never having experienced tournament style fishing, he was immediately hooked! That year he placed 6th overall in points and has never looked back. Many of the people he calls family in Tennessee were met through fishing tournaments, and all have the same love and respect for the outdoors.